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Tennis racquet beam width

A standard size for a tennis beam width is approximately 22 mm. The thinner the frame, the less power it gives and the more control it has. Conversely, the thicker a racquet has a profile, the easier it will give power. Racquets with a large profile are more intended for beginners or just players who seek easy power. Here are my tips for choosing the profile size of your tennis racket :

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The heavier racket obviously has more kinetic energy from its mass, which o.k. some strokes overcomes the energy return from a stiffer racket. The thiner beam for me is also quicker through the air for big strokes in spite of the extra weight as i feel the drag on the wide beam.

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G.O.A.T. Feb 16, 2007. #2. Power in a frame is typically increased with more stiffness, but stiffness can be vauge - the rating doesn't tell you where the flex in the frame occurs. Stiffness typically increases as beams get wider, so if you see a pair of racquets listed with pretty similar specs, but one has a wider beam, then it will probably ...

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But please note that there are plenty of beginners who want extra power so they plump for a head heavy racket. Beam. Measured in millimetres (mm) showing head, shoulder and handle of the frame e.g. 23mm/26mm/23mm. Modern tennis rackets aren’t all straight if you look at their frame. Often the width differs as you go along the frame.

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Cross-section width is measured in millimeters. Rackets that are more flexible will have beam widths of 22mm or less. Rackets that are more power-oriented will typically have beam widths of 28mm or more. A more balanced racket will have a cross-section that is somewhere in between.