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These shots look nothing alike so it's hard to tell from your post what you're doing wrong. A relatively low, net clearing topspin forehand should not go out. A flat ball can easily go out with the same net clearance. A high, net clearing topspin ball can go out. A flat ball hit that high will definitely go out.

Forehand Tennis Tip: Why is My Forehand Going Long? - YouTube

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Fix Problems With Your Tennis Forehand Swing

If your swing is at all rotational, hitting early will make you hit too far left. Uncoiling your upper body to generate power is good, but you don't want your racquet swinging around you like a gate. Try to keep the racquet going forward and up. Try extending your follow-through out toward your target more.

Mental Block Tennis Forehand – How to Fix it – My Tennis HQ

In order to recover from a mental block on your forehand you need to first understand that losing a stroke is natural, so do not panic. Tennis players go through ups and downs in every stroke and you need to embrace that. Your goal is not to eliminate these swings; it is to decrease the volatility of your strokes.

Forehand Hitting the Net? 5 Actionable Tips You Can Do Now To ...

Beginners struggle with that a lot because they are being told to hold the racquet at an incline with a semi-western grip and when they try and hit it with their normal stance, the ball automatically goes down. There are ways to get that fixed and in turn, you will have a great looking forehand.

Training: Inside Out vs. Inside In Forehand | Tennis Uni

Basically there are two challenges in this shot. Firstly, there is a risk of hitting more balls into the net, because the net is higher at the sides than in the middle. Secondly, your forehand may go long so that the ball lands out of bounds. With the inside out forehand you have much more margin for error, because the diagonal is simply longer.

Tennis Forehand Technique – 8 Steps To A Modern Forehand

On the forehand, I teach my players to catch the racket. I recommend that you work on catching the racket with your left hand somewhere above your shoulder in this position because, when you catch the racket, your left arm and your left shoulder will go out of the way.

Common Forehand Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Drills are the way to go when it comes to the game of tennis as it is one of the harder games to learn and get good at. Drills for your forehand will keep it in shape for a longer time and you will always feel on top. Again, the Forehand Guide is all you need when it comes to drills and tricks.

Simple Tennis Forehand Tips For Hitting The Ball More Cleanly

Since the forehand stroke also includes the preparation for the forehand, the movement, the use of a certain type of stance, and eventually the release into the follow-through, you may not see clearly the parts where the body rotates and the arm goes forward, but perhaps with this idea, you’ll be able to recognize them in video clips of tennis players.